Experiment 26

Sparking the Grassroots

Aesthetic Movement

Jacques Vesery

Jan 30, 2018 - April 16, 2018

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Sparking the Grassroots Aesthetic Movement is the 26th experiment of Le Laboratoire. 


Over the last few years the Maine-based artist Jacques Vesery has collaborated with international artists around the annual Wood Day celebration that occurs somewhere in the world at the time of the spring solstice. Vesery’s collaborative art projects bring original public art installations into communities from Tibet to Turkey while framing deeply meaningful aesthetic collaborations of the kind that are increasingly appearing around the world in the contexts of food, ceramics, writing, robots, and other creative forms. Vesery has these last two years worked with Harvard University students via (Laboratoire founder) David Edwards’ class How to Create Things & Have Them Matter to explore the relevance of aesthetic creating to the learning of the cognitive and emotive dimensions of creating a world we all wish to live in. 

Sparking, the 26th experiment of Le Laboratoire, examines the work of Jacques Vesery in this context of the Grassroots Aesthetic Movement over a three-month period during which Vesery works with a new team of students and travels to Asia for the most recent Wood Day collaboration.  Sparkingcontributes to Le Lab’s next experiment, with architect Andrew Witt, which starts with an exciting dinner at Cafe ArtScience on April 23, 2018, during which Vesery will share the experience of Wood Day 2018.

(c) Phase One Photography