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A showcase for Harvard professor and Le Laboratoire founder David Edward’s culinary experiments, this exclusive, periodic Gilt City offering offers guests a deeper dive into the innovations of Le Laboratoire.


Offered during select evenings during exhibitions at Le Laboratoire:​

  • Your Sensorial Experience will begin with a “Whaf” drink, which is consumed from a carafe that turns regular liquids into inhalable clouds.

  • Next you'll encounter the Le Laboratoire’s latest olfactory experiment, the “Cyrano” scent experience, followed by cocktails by “Best of Boston” and Cafe ArtScience bartender Todd Maul. 

  • Then you'll be offered Edwards’ breathable “Aero,” which delivers an instant burst of energy, nutrition or chocolate.

  • Finally, lounge and enjoy Edwards' signature “WikiPearls,” which feature ice cream encased in edible packaging.

  • Before your Sensorial Experience, you'll be treated to a guided tour of Le Laboratoire's current exhibition.​


The Sensorial Experience for Two is exclusively available for $55 during select times –– please visit the Sensorial Experience For Two At Le Laboratoire listing by Gilt City for more information.  To schedule for a larger party, please contact info (at) lelabcambridge.com.


Sensorial Experience For Two At Le Laboratoire

Open Select Thursdays from 6:30-9:30pm

650 East Kendall Street

Cambridge, MA