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idea translation. artscience.


Director of Programming & Learning

education. cultural programming.


Exhibitions & Facilities Manager

installation. space. lighting.



accts payable. accts receivable.



David Edwards & ArtScience


2017 PCA-STREAM (Philippe Chiambaretta) ArtScience and Sensorial Design

2016 WGBH Boston Talks / Happy Hour: David Edwards

2016 CPNAS The Aesthetics of Reinventing Tomorrow

2016 FAST COMPANY DESIGN Harvard Professor Who is Digitizing Scent

2015 BLOOMBERG A Harvard Mad Scientist Invented Ice Cream That Has Skin

2015 CBS SUNDAY MORNING Smell of Success?

2015 NAUTILUS An Appetite for Innovation

2015 TECHNOLOGY REVIEW The Past and Future of Kendall Square

2015 SciTECH NOW Creating New Ways to Eat and Drink

2015 FUTUREMAG Neue Innovationen

2014 NPR Inhalable Chocolate? Ingestible Ideas from a Lab for the Sense

2014 WBUR Vapor Drinks, Scent Messages, and a Vibrating Orb Debut at Le Lab...

2013 WIRED Creating an Aromatic Language for "More Sensual Communications"

2013 BOSTON.COM Sniffing the Future at Le Laboratoire Paris

2013 WIRED You Can Hold This Ice Cream of the Future in Your Bare Hands

2013 NOW? Series / Harvard GSD

2013 COOL HUNTING Capsule Video: David Edwards

2012 WGBH The Lab: Creativity and Culture


2009 TEDxBOSTON Culture Lab


2014 WIRED American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist

2014 WIRED A Science-Inspired Restaraunt Where You Inhale Your Dessert Mints

2014 BOSTON GLOBE At a Scientist's Cafe, Food is the Next Frontier

2014 BOSTON MAGAZINE What's for Dinner...Next?

2014 NARRATIVELY The Dapper Doctor's Vaporized Sushi and Clouds of Cognac

Exhibitions @ Le Laboratoire Cambridge


2017 BOSTON GLOBE Your robot will serve you now — it might make deliveries, too


2016 ILLUSTRATE MY POINT An Afternoon at Le Laboratoire in Cambridge

2016 BOSTON GLOBE Solving Problems by Degrees

2016 BIG RED & SHINY Transformations: An Interview with Chuck Hoberman

2016 SCI ART MAGAZINE Review: Chuck Hoberman's 10 Degrees On View...

2016 BOSTON MAGAZINE See Transformable Structures at Le Laboratoire

150 Milliseconds

2016 INTERVIEW MAGAZINE The Art of Machines (Random International)

2016 THE CREATORS PROJECT Is this Kinetic Light Sculpture Man or Machine?

2016 STUDIO INTERNATIONAL Random International w/video

2016 THE BOSTON ATTITUDE Le Laboratoire Debuts New Exhibition by Random...

2016 BOSTON MAGAZINE Random International at Le Laboratoire

The Trouble with Jellyfish

2015 BOSTON COMMON MAGAZINE: The Trouble with Jellyfish

2015 MENTAL FLOSS Exhibit Lets You Breathe Like a Fish in Jellyfish-Clogged Seas

2015 HARVARD GAZETTE The Trouble with Jellyfish w/video

2015 BOSTON.COM Jellyfish Exhibit Opens in Kendall Square

2015 HARVARD CRIMSON The Trouble with Jellyfish

2015 BUSTLE Cupcakes Made of Jellyfish are Actually Doing Stellar Things for...

2015 BetaBOSTON At Le Laboratoire, jellies tell the story of the ocean's woes


2015 DAILY MAIL Fly Like a Bird! Life-like Simulator Recreates the Wind...

2015 BDC WIRE This Virtual Reality Experience Let's You Fly Like a Bird...

2015 BetaBOSTON Flying Like a Bird is Awkward – and Exhilarating!

2015 ODDITY CENTRAL Birdly – A Unique Virtual Simulator That Let's You Fly...


2014 BOSTON GLOBE MIT Exhibits Let The Body Hum in a Vocal Meditation

2014 HUNT NEWS Art Installation Uses Sound as Self-Reflection

Sound @ Le Laboratoire Cambridge


2017 BOSTON GLOBE Tony Conrad tested boundaries in both film and music

2016 BOSTON GLOBE Abundant Ideas in John Aylward's Switch

2016 THE ARTURY / WBUR Ecce Ensemble Fuses Musical and Literary...'Switch'

2016 CLASSICAL SCENE From Hip Club to Opera House

2016 HARVARD CRIMSON Despite Flaws, 'Switch' at Le Laboratoire Captivates

2015 BOSTON GLOBE Ecce Reimagines Salon Interactivity at Le Laboratoire

2015 BOSTON GLOBE Ecce Explores 'December 1952'

2015 BOSTON MAGAZINE Le Laboratoire Adds Music to Immersive Gallery

Cafe ArtScience @ Le Laboratoire

Cafe ArtScience press here

Sensorial Experience @ Le Laboratoire

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