Fish Out of Water Exhibition Unveiling + Talk

ArtScienceConverged, the 24th Experiment of Le Laboratoire, features 15 weeks of dreams shared with us by pioneers of various frontiers.  For the 6th week, which highlights physics, we invited one of our favorite creative teams, Jeff Lieberman and Dan Paluska, to deliver a new piece of their design to Le Laboratoire.  We invite the public to experience this new work, Fish Out of Water, as well as the duo's previous effort, Slow Dance, through an exhibition of both works that kick off with an artist talk on August 2nd.

                                                        Jeff Lieberman & Dan Paluska


6pm doors / 6:30pm talk, Wednesday, August 2, 2017

free viewing as part of the ArtScienceConverged Summer Series


Jeff Lieberman explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness. He hosted 'Time Warp' on the Discovery Channel, reminding us how little our senses detect and understand about reality. He attended MIT for 10 years studying physics, math, and robotics, and builds kinetic sculptures exploiting the limits of human perception. He composes music in the duo Knolls.

Dan Paluska holds possibly conflicting goals of staying connected with all his friends and moving to a small island community to farm and build with hand tools. That said, he thinks life is pretty good as it is. He works on kinetic sculptures with Hypersonic Design and Plebian Design, builds small buildings where he lives in Maine, and sings songs and swims in the ocean whenever possible. He has BS, MS, ABD and IBS from MIT.


ArtScienceConverged is the 24th experiment of Le Laboratoire, and a public introduction to the inaugural World Frontiers Forum, a global initiative aimed at sparking creative action around a sustainable and inclusive human future. The cultural exhibition blends the Lab's futurist experimentation with the culinary program of Café ArtScience. Artists, scientists, engineers, designers and other creators bring to the public performances, exhibitions, and conversations at 15 frontiers of tomorrow, ranging from biology to architecture, transportation and contemporary art. In the future of a sustainable human experience all frontiers merge.