Café Gita

Piaggio Fast Forward

ArtScienceConverged, the 24th Experiment of Le Laboratoire, opens on June 28 highlighting the frontier of human transportation, and World Frontiers Forum Pioneer and Harvard professor Jeffrey Schnapp's vision of a world where we coexist with robots in ways that complement and promote sustainable life on the planet. Cafe Gita, a robotic waiter, explores this future dream of transportation, starting an exhibition-long experiment to create a new low-carbon footprint catering service. Cafe Gita will throughout the exhibition bring air garnishes to whoever wishes to taste them.


On Display throughout ArtScienceConverged

June 28 – September 31, 2017


During Café ArtScience's service, Gita will act as a robotic waiter.

In between service (2-5pm) on select days,

visitors are invited to interact with Gita.

ArtScienceConverged is the 24th experiment of Le Laboratoire, and a public introduction to the inaugural World Frontiers Forum, a global initiative aimed at sparking creative action around a sustainable and inclusive human future. The cultural exhibition blends the Lab's futurist experimentation with the culinary program of Café ArtScience. Artists, scientists, engineers, designers and other creators bring to the public performances, exhibitions, and conversations at 15 frontiers of tomorrow, ranging from biology to architecture, transportation and contemporary art. In the future of a sustainable human experience all frontiers merge.