An evening of local experimental, noise, 

 and improv music (+ visuals!) 



Apathy and Steel (Mark Cetilia) 

Bastian Void 

Bromp Treb and Offal

Jesse Kenas Collins

Wendy Eisenberg Forbes Graham

Andrea Pensado and Andrieta

Wenhua Shi

Damon Smith 


plus Susanna Bolle (Non-Event & WZBC), In-Between-Set DJ


7:30pm (doors: 7:00pm)
$15 general admission | $10 students + Non-Event members




APATHY AND STEEL is the techno project of Mark Cetilia. Mark is a sound/media artist working at the nexus of analog and digital technologies. Exploring the possibilities of generative systems in art, design, and sound practice, Cetilia’s work is an exercise in carefully controlled chaos.

BASTIAN VOID is the solo project of Joseph Bastardo, a graphic artist and musician from Worcester. He plays in the groups Looks Realistic, Gay Shapes, and LAN. His pieces are assembled with analog/digital synthesis and found-sound manipulation. Recent performances are based on improvisations with a modular synthesizer.

BROMP TREB is the onomatopoeic flailings of Neil Young Cloaca. Composing and improvising with intentionally unstable systems of his own devising, he joyfully uses/misues busted circuits, collaged beats, cheap effects pedals, poor drumming technique, and tape manipulation to make idiosyncratic music / non music. 

OFFAL is Donald Shaw, a composer and performer currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. He studied jazz at the New School and is a member of Fat Worm of Error.

JESSE KENAS COLLINS works with brass and woodwind instruments as well as simple systems of analog feedback. Working and living in Boston since 2008, he collaborates in various ad hoc groupings of improvisers in and around town. His solo works are funneled into small editions of recordings and occasional live performances.

FORBES GRAHAM is a trumpet player, electronic musician, composer, and visual artist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with a diverse array of musicians and currently is a member of Para Quintet, Rock Flint Contemporary Ensemble, Wild May, Grizzler, Construction Party, and Equal Time. He is the founder of the Rock Flint Artists Retreat, and has appeared at numerous festivals including High Zero, Full Force, and Vision.

WENDY EISENBERG is an improviser and composer who performs primarily on guitar, banjo, voice and electronics. Her work is about the ways that visual and sociological space inform the musical signs of time and frequency. Her compositions and instrumental technique are developed from her involvement with the traditions of free jazz, punk, heavy metal, avant-garde composition and art songs.


ANDREA PENSADO began playing piano as a girl, with private instruction and later studied composition at the Krakow Academy of Music. Now based in Salem, her current music mixes harsh electronics and high frequency squalls with distorted, growling, shrieking vocals.

WENHUA SHI is a media artist and filmmaker, who pursues a poetic approach to moving image making, and investigates conceptual depth in film, video, interactive installations and sound sculptures. 

DAMON SMITH studied double bass with Lisle Ellis and has had lessons with Bertram Turezky, Joëlle Leandré, John Lindberg, Mark Dresser and others. Damon’s explorations into the sonic palette of the double bass have resulted in a personal, flexible improvisational language based in the American jazz avant-garde movement and European non-idiomatic free improvisation.