Marine Botanicals: The Art of Seaweed 

A Presentation by Mary Jameson 

From her earliest age, Mary Jameson has been drawn to and inspired by the ocean. Her first experience with printing marine life was on an island in the British West Indies, while working on a charter sailboat that was captained by a marine scientist. They had made a visit to one of the islands that was hosting an international marine science workshop run by Jean-Michel Cousteau. On this particular day they were studying local fish and as part of the research, were exposed to printing them in the Japanese method of Gyotaku.  Mary was invited to join in the process and commenced on a personal journey of exploring the marine environment through her continuos art-making. In this presentation Mary will share insight on the practice of seaweed pressing, her relationship with marine algae and its inclusion in her artistic practice.  


"In my current body of work, I am exploring marine algae as a contemporary art form. I collect specimens and organic matter from the intertidal zones along the coast. Back at the studio I study the shape, texture and color of individual species and start a process of symbiotic layering to create new forms.  At times I do not combine specimens but am responding to the essence of an individual piece of algae. It may be an essence that embodies the ocean, the unique properties of this organism, or simply my relationship to it at the moment.  A key concept with my work is transformation. As I create new forms, the known and unknown intersect in a dynamic way to challenge thought patterns. For most people, seaweed is a nuisance – something to avoid. My work presents a new awareness for consideration and offers new insights into the mysteries and beauty of the marine world.”


Mary Chatowsky Jameson is the owner of Saltwater Studio in Newport, Rhode Island. She is an artist who explores the natural environment for inspiration in her artwork.  Her Marine Botanical pressings and collages are created from seaweed and organic elements collected on excursions throughout the northern Atlantic coast.


Mary has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Miami and studied Museum Studies at Tufts University.  She has lectured and held workshops for numerous schools, universities and organizations including: 2018 Ocean Literacy Summit Boston; 2018 UMASS Science Cafe on Art & Science; Boston University Marine Program; UMASS Marine Program; Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA; Newport Art Museum; Maine Seaweed Festival, Rockland, ME; Neighborhood School, Boston; Portsmouth High School, Rhode Island; Waynflete School, Portland, ME.

She is represented by D. Chatowsky Gallery, Newport and Block Island, RI; Jeff Soderberg Gallery, Wellfleet, MA, and holds workshops at her studio in Newport (

As usual, the talk is free

Door 6:00PM / Talk 6:30PM

April 24, 2019 

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