Experiment 16


or, The Third Dimension Global Communcation

May 17, 2013 - September 15, 2013


The Olfactive Project, created by an international team of artists, scientists, and designers including the founder of Le Laboratoire David Edwards, the master perfumer Olivier Pescheaux from Givaudan, the coffee master from Toby Estates in Australia Ryan Spinoglio and the artist Carsten Nicolaï, helps us realize the dream of a Virtual Coffee in this sensorial exploration of coffee.

For its 16th experiment since opening to the public in 2007, Le Laboratoire invites us to perceive coffee through five unique and independent acts: we “listen” to, smell, taste, eat, and at last drink coffee. We then complete our delicious experiment by sending an electronic coffee odor around the world with the latest invention of Le Laboratoire, the OPHONE.

Scenography Baptiste Viala (Studio Millimètre)

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Watch the Video from the Opening.