Experiment 11





September 24, 2010 - January 30, 2011


The CellBag (formerly Pumpkin) is a beautiful way to carry water as Nature does, without harming the environment, while sustaining life, as we know it. With inspiration drawn from the biological cell, the Cellbag helps you carry water in multiple ways, large and small volumes, filtering it if you wish. Nothing gets thrown away. With water becoming the world's most precious and endangered resource, the Cellbag is the ideal personal bag for the 21st century.

The CellBag hangs from your shoulder, fixed to a convenient purse or handbag, holding just enough water to get you through the day. In circumstances of sport, as when you go hiking, the Cellbag can fill up and sit on your head, or, like a rucksack, cling to your back. If you need to carry large quantities of water, as in hard work or relief conditions, the Cellbag can transport up to 15 liters of water around your shoulders and neck.

The CellBag is also the catalyst of an international humanitarian experiment to improve water transport in parts of the world with restricted access to clean water. From the fall of 2010 through the summer of 2013 ArtScience Labs, working with South African students, professors, and nonprofits, as well as the students and faculty from Harvard University where the original idea of the Cellbag emerged in the fall of 2008, will explore ways to improve water transport in local African communities. Revenues from sale of the Cellbag will support this humanitarian experiment, potentially leading to the startup of an African company to pioneer the safe, beneficial, ecologically sustainable transport of water in the 21st century.



About Mathieu Lehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur received his graduatediploma from l’ENSCI-les ateliers (2001).His early work focused on the design ofmedical objects aimed to improve patientcompliance to medications.On receiving the ANVAR Scholarship in2001, Lehanneur founded his own designagency, which specializes in exhibition andindustrial design. In 2004 he began to serveas director of Design and Research of theEcole des Beaux-Arts de St-Etienne. In 2006he received the carte Blanche of VIA andthe Grand Prix de la Création of the City ofParis.Lehanneur’s designs appear in thepermanent collections of MoMA New YorkCity and MoMA San Francisco.

About Julien Benayoun

Born in 1985 and a graduate of ESAD in Reims with high honors, Julien Benayoun is intrigued by the narrative idea of shape which he believes is the genesis of all creative design. His fascination for pictorial imagery combined with keen observation skills lead him to conceive multi-disciplinary projects where experimentation plays a key role. Julien has collaborated with solidarity-based design projects for housing associations and participated in humanitarian projects in Africa. He worked with designer Renaud Thiry, 5.5 designers, Carré Noir and Delo Lindo before joining Mathieu Lehanneur’s design office as head of project design.