Experiment 08



October 9, 2009 - January 4, 2010


Through work that began in a fall 2007 course at Harvard, continued through the summer 2008 Innovation Workshop at Le Laboratoire, and up through an experiment last spring in collaboration with Le Louvre, the young creators of MuseTrek invented a new approach to cultural and artistic narration. Developed now with the support of multiple partners, MuseTrek represents a new way of exploring cultural treasures. The Collective Brain exhibition brings this innovation to the public for the first time.

Turning MuseTrek toward what we do at Le Laboratoire raises the fundamental question: What is innovation? A result that transforms our lives, and our way of understanding life? Or a passionate and surprising process that takes us to places we could never have imagined?


The Collective Brain exhibition, shared with a host of Paris-based institutions such as the Decorative Arts Museum, Galeries Lafayette, Nature et Découvertes, the RATP, Cité des Sciences, and Monceau Fleurs explores these questions that are fundamental to creation at Le Laboratoire. MuseTrek is a new interactive technology developed by a talented group of young American and French creators.


For two years now, Le Laboratoire has been developing its pedagogical program based on the idea that innovation is a motor for education. When innovating, we learn with passion. Free access to information – the characteristic experience of the post-Google generation – helps us learn, and innovate, as fast as our passion will take us.

Closely linked with the Idea Translation Lab at Harvard, this Laboratoire program is the centerpiece of the new ArtScience Prize, inaugurated in the USA in 2009. Each August, for about 10 days, Le Laboratoire hosts students from universities and secondary schools in France, Ireland, Belgium and the United States in order to develop ideas embracing art and science, and to learn by innovating.


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