Experiment 03



February 8, 2008 - March 2008


A “global health” experiment by the American photographer James Nachtwey - enjoined by other artists and scientists in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Attention! is an experimental program of artscience collaboration between leading international artists, healthcare scientists and the general public to catalyze fresh thinking around drug and vaccine development for the three infectious diseases, Hiv-aids, Malaria, and tuberculosis that now account for more than 7,000,000 deaths per year. Attention! aims to test the hypothesis that innovative progress can be made toward averting the current infectious disease healthcare crisis by constructive experimental collaborations between leading international artists and leading healthcare scientists.

The week begins with an international scientific conference on drug and vaccine delivery systems for infectious diseases.
Later this week, artists, scientists, philosophers, and representatives of funding agencies and the international media will gather for the private opening of a photography exhibition by James Nachtwey.

This exhibition, sponsored by the Wellcome trust Foundation and the international NGO Medicine in need (Mend), presents pictures shot by Nachtwey in a major aids and TB clinic in Cambodia.

The opening will be followed by a unique colloquium and press conference, sponsored by the Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida (ANRS), which brings together four major international health experts and four major international artists to debate and explore the nature of the challenges facing new drug and vaccine development today.

Following the Attention! event the Nachtwey exhibition will remain accessible by reservation to the public in a private gallery of le Laboratoire.

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About James Nachtwey

Nachtwey is among the most celebrated

journalists working today. He has been a

contract photographer with Time Magazine

since 1984. He was associated with Black

Star from 1980-1985 and a member of

Magnum from 1986 until 2001.

In 2001 he became one of the founding

members of the photo agency VII.

Nachtwey has received numerous honors

such as the Common Wealth Award, Martin

Luther King Award, Dr. Jean Mayer Global

Citizenship Award, Henry Luce Award, Robert

Capa Gold Medal (five times), the World

Press Award (twice), Magazine Photographer

of the Year Award (seven times), the

International Center of Photography Award

(three times), among others.

About Anne Goldfeld

Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a leader in infectious disease science and clinical care today. Goldfeld’s scientific work focuses on cytokine gene regulation and the immune response to tuberculosis and AIDS. In 1994 she co-founded the Cambodian Health Committee, which provides medical care to the poorest citizens of Cambiodia while pioneering novel treatment and delivery approaches to TB and AIDS. In addition to her scientific publications, Dr. Goldfeld has extensively written for newspapers and magazines about the humanitarian impact of landmies, poverty, and tuberculosis.